Our Founder is Clare Copas “PCdp”, a qualified Data Protection Consultant who is passionate about data protection compliance. Clare has embedded her passion into the culture of the MonClare Data Protection Consultancy.

Having witnessed the catastrophic fallout of a data breach in her previous employment, it became evident to Clare that many businesses and organisations were not addressing their data protection responsibilities seriously. The impact of this significant data breach served as a catalyst for the establishment of MonClare Data Protection Consultancy.

Our focus is to provide easy to understand solutions to the onerous demands of data protection legislation. Education and regular training in the data protection landscape are crucial to ensure “on going” compliance and “Accountability”.

A More Personal Approach TO Data Protection

Since 2016, MonClare Data Protection Consultancy have been providing a bespoke data protection compliance educational and consultancy platform to Data Controllers and Data Processors. We offer seamless, streamlined services in clear and easy to understand language. We are well renowned for our professionalism, expertise and personal approach regarding the services we provide.

Our business has evolved significantly since its inception, encompassing a diverse portfolio of clients. We are privileged to support and work with wonderful organisations, including Government Agencies, Charities, Businesses, Sports Clubs and many other sectors. We also collaborate with various Partners, Agencies and Network Organisations by providing mentoring, training and webinar services.

Clare is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Association of Compliance Officers Ireland, and a regulator contributor on data protection issues to media outlets.

Let us eliminate the complexities of GDPR Accountability!

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