Data Privacy Day 2023

Data Privacy Day 2023



Saturday 28th January 2023 is annual data privacy day!

This designated day of data privacy is a timely reminder for you, if you are a Data Controller or a Data Processor, to ensure that you are aware of your legal obligations when it comes to the gathering  and processing of personal information.

Are you EU GDPR “accountable”, and compliant with the ePrivacy Regulation?  If not, you risk attracting the attention of the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, speculation is that in 2023 the DPC, will focus investigation and enforcement action on many sectors and organisations.

On this Data Privacy Day, 28th January 2023, it is critical to ensure you have considered and implemented, at least, the following data protection and data privacy checks for “accountability” and compliance purposes. The “action points” however, are a snapshot of your many legal requirements which allow you to collect and process personal information legally. For further information on GDPR “accountability and ePrivacy compliance please send an email to:



  • EU GDPR Employee training?
  • Data Mapping & Data flow?
  • Ensure website is legal, (EU GDPR compliant Privacy Statement, Cookie Banner & Policy)??
  • Privacy Management Programme (encompassing the mandatory data protection policies and procedures. (Data Protection Policy, Data Breach Policy, CCTV Policy, ………………………?)
  • Physical & Operational Controls adequate?



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