Responding to the specific requirements of our clients and the challenges of data protection, we are renowned for our expert focus and attention to detail. Simplicity is our “mantra, why add further complication to a subject matter which is already complicated? Our Policies and procedures are authored succinctly and easy-to-understand layman terms.

Adapting to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we connect with clients using video calling software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Whats-App. Where possible, we offer”” in person consultations in a COVID 19 safe environment.



In accordance with Article 15 of the EU GDPR, Data Subjects are afforded the right of access to, and a right to request a copy of their personal information. It is critical that any Subject Access Request is responded to within 30 days (subject to certain exemptions). We offer support in:

  • How to recognise a subject access request
  • Consultations regarding how to respond to a subject access request
  • Providing a Subject Access Request “handling service”
  • Devising and implementing dedicated subject access request programs
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  • “Accountability”, is the legal principle which underpins EU GDPR and enforces onerous mandatory obligations on Data Controllers and Data Processors. We streamline the “Accountability” process by:
  • Providing tailored educational and consultancy services
  • Designing and authoring client specific GDPR training, policies, and procedures
  • Ensuring that personal information is processed lawfully
  • Conducting regular audits particularly when new technologies or procedures have been implemented.
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  • Our unique Privacy Management Programs are designed, in response to the “findings” identified in the Gap Analysis process and empower our clients with data protection confidence and include:
  • Employee training and mentoring
  • Authoring bespoke policies and procedures
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Website Review
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Our Data Breach Support package includes:

  • Expert data breach training
  • Explores what constitutes as a data breach?
  • A Data breach “handling service”
  • The authoring of robust data breach response programs
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  • Our Gap Analysis projects are conducted on a “deep dive” basis to enable us to identify the true “Accountability” status of the business or organisation.
  • Our comprehensive audits detail any identified GDPR vulnerabilities together with our proposed recommended solutions in clear easy to understand terms.
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Article 28 of the EU GDPR enforces the legal obligation for the implementation of a Data Sharing Agreement on all business owners and organisations who share personal information with external vendors and suppliers. MonClare Data Protection Consultancy provide expertise by:

  • Advising when it is necessary to implement a Data Sharing Agreement
  • Assisting clients in conducting due diligence of Third-Party Vendors & Stakeholders
  • Authoring Data Sharing Agreements
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Monclare Data Protection website review


Did you know that as a website owner you have a legal obligation to ensure that your website is legal and EU GDPR compliant? Do your Privacy and ePrivacy policies meet the demands of the EU GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation?

We offer:

  • A dedicated 30 minute complimentary discovery consultation
  • In depth reviews of existing Privacy and ePrivacy policies
  • Bespoke authoring of Privacy and ePrivacy policies
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Let us eliminate the complexities of GDPR Accountability!

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